Sarah - Owner/ Operator

HoofBeat Blankets has allowed me to combine my 2 favorite things, sewing and horses. I purchased HoofBeat Blankets in 2016.  I started here as a seamstress in 2013 and quickly fell in love with the whole operation. From washing, to sewing, to delivering to overseeing the daily operations, I just couldn’t get enough! I truly feel like this is my home and my employees are like family.  I strive to create an enjoyable and fulfilling work environment where my employees can thrive and I believe this is reflected in the top notch work that we do. We are not just another one size fits all laundry service; We are a boutique blanket service that offers custom solutions for your unique situations.

Nic - Business Manager

I am the business manager here at HoofBeat Blankets.  I love what I do because of the industry (Horses! Horses! Horses!) and the people I work with.  I get to come to work every day and spend all my time with the most incredible women. We are all conscientious of the world that’s around us and how we can work together for the better of it.

Carrie - Seamstress

I am one of the seamstresses here at Hoofbeat Blankets. I love that I get to be creative and work with my hands.  It’s very gratifying to take something that was unusable and put it back together rather than throwing it away.  An added bonus is I get to work with a great group of very innovative and talented people.