Equine Laundry & Repair

It all starts by filling out a Laundry Tag.  Fill out your contact information, select which services you would like provided, and leave the tag in (or attached to) your bagged up blankets at the drop spot closest to you!  (If you don’t have a laundry bag, trash bags are just fine! We Recycle ♥)

If we have any questions or you are a new client setting up services for the first time we will reach out to you via email.  You can expect your order to be delivered back the same day of the following week. Having a one week turnaround is a very tight time schedule for everyone involved. If we email you with questions regarding repairs or billing, please respond as quickly as possible so as not to delay the return of your order.  Clients that don’t respond promptly may be pushed to a two week turnaround.


Standard Wash (Turnouts and Stables) – $15.

Weatherproofing (Turnouts) – $15

Nylon/Cotton Sheet – $12

Coolers – $12  

**Some items require a ‘Shed Out’ and/or an ‘Extra Wash’ to be cleaned to the HoofBeat standard.  These additional services will be billed at $5 per item that they apply to.

English Pad – $6 (Show Clean add $5)

Western Pad – $15


Weatherproofing (Standard Blanket) – $15.00

Hood/Neck Cover Weatherproofing- $5.00


New Belly Strap – $12.00- $15.00

New Leg Strap – $7.00

Blanket and Track Repairs – * Will quote

Custom Sewing & Embroidery – *Will quote

Clipper Blade Sharpening – $9.00 (S)/ $11.00 (L)

Specialty items may have additional cleaning fees.

Have questions about our services, or don’t see an item listed? We aim to create custom solutions for our clients, please contact us to learn about our services. Want to know what payment options are? Read more about our payment options and policies.