How do I set up an account?
You can email us at and we will send you the New Client form. Fill out the form and return it to us. Easy as that!

How long will it take to get my order back?
Typically, things take one full week to process and be returned. So, if we pick it up on Friday, your order will be returned the following Friday. There are a few things to keep in mind though;
If you drop your order off on a Tuesday, but that drop spots pick up is on Thursday, then turnaround will be longer than a week since we won’t actually get your order until Thursday.
If you are a new client, or request repair quotes prior to repair, we cannot continue to process your order until we hear back from you. Repair quotes and New Client forms will be sent to you by email. If we do not receive a response, we will hold your order until we hear from you.
If you request repair quotes prior to your blankets being washed or processed at all (if your trying to decide if the blanket is even worth cleaning and keeping) you will automatically be moved to a two-week turnaround.

Do I have to do a laundry tag every time?
YES PLEASE!! Your laundry tag is the most important part of your whole order! It’s how you communicate to us which services you would like for which items. It also tells us who the items belong to and where we are delivering your order back too. This is also where you can tell us to do repairs or not do repairs or to send a quote before doing repairs.

How much does it cost to Wash, Weatherproof, and Repair a horse blanket?
Please refer to our price list for our general pricing for washing and weatherproofing items. Repair costs are based on actual sewing time and materials used. So, there is no set repair pricing list. The minimum repair cost is $12, with the “average” repair costing between $18 and $30. If we feel that the cost to repair your blanket may be more than the blanket is worth, we will always let you know before completing the repair.

Can I drop off at the HoofBeat Shop?
Absolutely! Bag up your items and bring them in! You’ll receive the shop rate for washing, and get help filling out your laundry tag. You can even meet with a seamstress if you have a special situation that needs a custom solution.

How do I get my stuff to you?
You can bring your stuff to the shop, drop it at one of our public drop spots, or email us to set up a private pick-up. Bag up all the items you want to send in for cleaning (trash bags are perfectly acceptable), take it to the closest drop spot and make sure there is a completed laundry tag in each bag. Our drop spots have laundry tags available, but do not provide bags. See our daily routes to find out which public drop spot is nearest you.
If you would like, we do have HoofBeat Laundry bags available for purchase. Let us know if you would like a black or pink one. There is also an option to have your name embroidered on the bag if you would like.

How do I schedule a Private Pick-Up?
For a private pick-up at a home or residential barn please send us an email with the location you would like to use for pick-up/delivery. We will send you a New Client form and printable laundry tags and let you know which day of the week your location falls on.
We do require an 8-item minimum for private pick-up and drop off. Generally speaking if your location is within 15 minutes of our standard route there is no delivery fee. Outside of that delivery fees are assessed by the time it takes to get to your location. Since we cover from Mount Vernon to Tacoma each week, there is a very large area that falls within 15 minutes of one of our standard routes.
Please see our list of weekly drop spots to see what areas we are covering each day of the week. To find out more or schedule your private pick-up please connect with us at

How do I become a Drop Spot on your regular route?
Send us an email! If you are a barn, equestrian facility, feed store or co-op we would love to connect with you and see how we can partner. By providing services together we can better meet the needs of our clients. Connect with us at to find out more.

Do you sell used blankets?
We do! The used blankets we sell benefit our blanket bank. Learn about our Blanket Bank here. We do not currently keep an inventory list. Blankets come and go quickly. The best way to see if we have anything you need is to stop by the shop.

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